Sacred Poison

(Sacred Poison)
SUA, 2011, 15 min.
Directed by
Yvonne Latty
documentary / people / short movie / short movie

The legacy of uranium mining has left the Navajo living where clean water is limited, where families lose children to contamination and cancer seems to live inside of many.

There is the Nez family who lost six children and one grandchild to Navajo Neuropathy, a deadly disease that has been linked to radiation exposure.  Paddy Martinez the man responsible for showing the mining companies where the uranium was who got a new car for his efforts and later died of cancer. In the remote Bennett Freeze area the water is contaminated and residents have little clean water to drink. Activist Marsha Monestersky and biologist, Lee Greer, are working to gather proof of the high levels of contamination.

Trailer Sacred Poison