Peru, 2009, 20 min.
Directed by
Gaston Vizcarra Olivares
fiction / fiction / short movie / short movie

The is Ukuku a mythological character from the Andes, he also participates in many Andean festivities and folkloric manifestations in the Peruvian mountains. But his main function within the Andean cosmic vision is to ascend to the high snow-capped peaks to bring back the ice that many Peruvian people villages consider to be sacred. This task reaches its climax and main protagonism in the festivity called “Qoyllur Riti” (snow star), celebrated annually in the Sinakara ravine, in Mahuallane, Cuzco. In this tremendous festivity, tens of thousands of pilgrims gather to see veritable armies of Ukukus climb up to the nearby peaks in order to retrieve the sacred ice.

The short tells the story of an Ukuku who climbs to the high peaks and does not find ice. Desperate to fulfill his sacred mission; wise Mama Coca points the Ukuku on his urgent quest, traversing Peru’s vast territory. His journey takes him ever-closer to the modern Peruvian coast, where he will finally find ice and an unexpected destiny.