Flying Away

(Те отлитат)
Bulgaria, 2013, 40 min
Directed by
Simeon Tsonchev
Red-breasted Goose, Long-legged Buzzard, Egyptian Vulture, Griffon Vulture, Imperial Eagle, Dalmatian Pelican, White Pelican, White Stork, Little Ringed and many, many others
birds / doc / păsări

Why is “bird watching” something that you can fall in love with? The answer is not simple but if you watch Simeon Tsonchev’s movie, a young director from Bulgaria, you might get the idea. The big birds who live and fly through Bulgaria’s landscapes, are observed in remote and difficult accessible areas throughout the changing seasons of the year in this South-European country. Watching the eagles, the storks or the pelicans, the movie introduces us in the less accessible world of the wild birds.


Simeon Tsonchev graduate short film Delete (2008) won the Metrópolis Prize of Zemos 98 Festival, Sevillе (Spain) as well as two Jury Awards at Unifest, Madrid (Spain). He founded Mono Collective, a platform for producing and promoting visual media.