The Road

Georgia, 2014, 52 min
Directed by
Nika Tsiklauri
Georgia / oi / sheep / transhumance / transhumanță

Georgia is one of the last countries in the world where transhumance, a seasonal movements of people with sheep between summer and winter pastures, is still alive. Lowland steppe hosts winter camps but now it’s may already and heat causes diseases, snakes kill sheep. It’s time to move to grassy nice and cool plateau of Lesser Caucasus. David and his team of shepherds are about to embark on spring journey across the country – 400 kilometers to walk, 6000 sheep to take care of. 

It is a journey exposed to weather, disease, wolves and thieves. The weak sheep do not survive, and it takes experience borne of generations of knowledge to herd them there and back, later in autumn.