Aatsinki. The Story of Arctic Cowboys

(Aatsinki. Povestea cowboy-lor arctici )
Finland / USA, 2013, 84 min
Directed by
Jessica Oreck
animals / cooperative / documentary

Festival International du Film D’Enviroment, Paris, France 2014 – Official Selection

BFI London Film Festival, UK, 2013 – Official Selection

Vancouver International Film Festival, Canada 2014 – Official Selection

Eastern Oregon Film Festival, United States, 2014 – Official Selection

HotDocs Toronto, Canada, 2014 – Official Selection

The two brothers Aarne and Lasse Aatsinki and their families are part of a herders cooperative who are living of wild reindeers in Lapland, the North region of Finland.

They are the silent arctic cowboys, witty but good hearted, knowledgeable of the nature that surrounds them. The movie follows their family for a whole year, in each season quietly observing the difficulties and joys of their life. It also asks fundamental questions regarding our ingrained perceptions about modern technology and nature.