Holy Field, Holy War

(Sfânt pământ, sfânt război)
Poland, 2013, 105 min
Directed by
Lech Kowalski
land / shale gas

Festival International de Cinema, Marseille, France, 2013  – The Hope Award, National Research Cinema Group Award, Georges de Beauregard International Award

Sevilla Festival de CineEuropeo, Spaini, 2014 – Official Selection

Abu Dhabi Film Festival 2013 – Official Selection

This time, documentary film maker Kowalski chooses the seemingly quiet Polish landscape, a land chosen for gas drilling, making a careful examination through a cautious revision of the tracks left on the fields and the sincere confessions of discontentment of the farmers who witnessed the terrifying consequences of the intervention of great international corporations in the fields of Poland. The landscape in this resource-exploited land is infested by an invisible menace.

With a special interest in the gaze of the oppressed, Kowalski delivers a somehow melancholic film, revealing a declaration of love to the land and nature before they go into oblivion.