Not My Land

(Nu e pământul meu)
Estonia, 2013, 52 min
Directed by
Aljona Surzhikova
community / comunitate / rădăcini

ARTDOCFEST Russian Open Documentary Film Festival, Moscova, Russia, 2013 - Competition

Jilhava International Documentary Film Festival, Czech Republic, 2013 – Official Selection

Vilnius International Documentary Film Festival, Lithuania, 2013 - Official Selection

Terra di Tutti Film Festival, Bologna, Italy, 2014 – Official Selection

Following in the footsteps of a documentary photographer, the filmmakers reveal the complicated modern history of Estonia as a country with a large Russian minority. They do so on a stage measuring several square kilometers in size.

Looking at the unclear ownership rights of allotment gardens near an international airport used by aging gardeners, the film reveals that beneath their feet is soil that is not theirs; over their heads, planes fly to countries they cannot visit; on all sides they are surrounded by a nation that doesn’t want them in their house.