Fed Up!

(Sătul / Pun kufer)
Croatia, 43 min, 2013
Directed by
Tomislav Jelinčić
community / eco-village

ZagrebDox International Film Documentary, Croatia 2013 – Official Selection

A documentary about people who abandon their urban lifestyles to live in the natural environment of a small village of Blatuša in Petrova gora, about 100 kilometres from Zagreb. Musician and inventor Robert Schenk brought together a picturesque community of people from all over Croatia. Using some of the fortune he made from his super lightweight ‘Accord’ instrument cases – popular with celebrities ranging from Sting to Santana – Robert bought over 60 hectares of land, where he established an eco-village and a community of like-minded people.

They try to live along tribal lines. Is this possible in the 21st century?