Santra and the Talking Trees

(Santra ja puhuvat puut)
Finland, 2013, 27 min
Directed by
Miia Tervo
animație / animation / documentar / documentary / familie / family / rădăcini / roots

IDFA – International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam, 2013, The Netherlands

Tromsø International Film Festival, 2013, Norway

Göteborg International Film Festival, 2013, Sweden

DocPoint – Helsinki Documentary Film Festival, 2013, Finland

Tampere Film Festival, 2013, Finland

A young, modern, woman with a broken family background drifts up to north-east, to the border of Finland and Russia where she finds an old wise tribal woman on and tries to become her grandchild. This film is about the difficulty and beauty of finding a home.

Animation and archives make this cinematic poem a different ethnographic adventure.