The Hill

Romania, 2013, 25 min
Directed by
Anca Păunescu

NaturVision-Filmfestival  Ludwigsburg, Germania, 2014

ETHNOCINECA – Ethnographic and Documentary Filmfest Vienna, 2014

The International Festival Days of Ethnographic Film (DEF), Slovenia, 2014

Jihlava International Documentary Festival- East Silver Market section 2013

The short documentary ´The Hill´gives a glimpse into the life of one of the last very isolated and archaic settlements in the Romanian mountains. It is a portrait of a place where life has a different meaning and time has another pace. Life is simple and rough, the land and nature are imposing their own rules, but people preserve a sense of freedom and serenity almost forgotten by the modern men.

It is not only another world, but also another way of thinking that is close to its end…