La Fête Sauvage

Franța, 1976, 93 min
Directed by
Frédéric Rossif
animals / natură / nature / sălbăticie @en / wilderness

La Fête Sauvage is the most successful film of  Frédéric Rossif.

37 years after its first release the film continues to be in top 10 of the most successful films of its genre in France. La Fête Sauvage revolutionized documentary film making, through its beauty that makes the difference compared to any other film on animals. Directed by Frédéric Rossif, the film is co-produced by western legend Sergio Leone, with the original music score composed by Vangelis, the forerunner of electronic music.

La Fête Sauvage is a poetic film putting light on the secret and profund connection between human and wild animals. “Now, if the animals were to disappear, there will be an ecological disaster but there will be an even more serious one: it will be a cultural disaster. A child, who would no longer be able to see the animals, would be forever condemned to silence his dreams for the rest of his life.”, states the director Frédéric Rossif.