La Marche de L’Empereur

(The March of the Penguins)
France, 2005, 80 min
Directed by
Luc Jacquet
documentary / kids screening

Oscar for Best Documentary, 2005

Best Edited Documentary, American Cinema Editors – Award, 2005

Best Documentary – Broadcast Film Critics Associations – Award, 2005

Best Sound, Cesar Awards – Award, 2005

Best First Film, Cesar Awards – Nominalization, 2006

Each winter alone in the pitiless ice deserts of Antarctica, deep in the most inhospitable terrain on Earth, a truly remarkable journey takes place, as it has done for millenia. Emperor penguins in their thousands abandon the deep blue security of their ocean home and clamber onto the frozen land to begin their long journey to the continent’s desolate interior, a region so bleak, so extreme, it supports no other life.

In single file the penguins march, blinded by blizzards, buffeted by 250 k.p.h. Gales. Resolute, indomitable, driven by the overpowering urge to reproduce, to assure the survival of the species. Standing proud on the ice frontier, the emperor embodies the most powerful moments of existence. Love and solidarity combine in the heroic struggle for life.