Finding Gaston

Peru, 2014, 80 min.
Directed by
Patricia Perez

“Why do we cook?
To make the customers in our restaurants happy ? Is that it?
Is that the purpose of being a cook? or do we have a bigger responsibility?
It is a matter of choice.
We won’t be better or worse for picking one or the other but is time to choose.” -Gaston Acurio

Can a cook change his country through his food? FINDING GASTÓN follows acclaimed chef Gaston Acurio, largely credited with creating and popularizing Peruvian cuisine, to find out the stories, the inspirations and the dreams behind man who has taken his cuisine outside the kitchen on a mission to change his country with his food.

Join the culinary journey into the world of Peruvian cuisine to discover the power of food in Peru – and around the world.