The Cecosesola Experience

(L’expérience Cecosesola)
France, 2014, 59 min
Directed by
Ronan Kerneur and David Férret

In 1967 several inhabitants from Barquisimeto in Venezuela joined together to bury their dead with dignity; the Cecosesola cooperative was born. In spite of the odd political pressures, their self-management model progressed and diversified. Fifty years later, more than 1,200 associated workers manage popular supermarkets, ferias, which attract every week thousands of consumers. Equality of income, rotation of the positions and lack of hierarchy have become the pillars of the organization.

The Cecosesola Experience illustrates the ingenuity and the sustainability of a collective experience considered as unwanted by some people and utopian by others.

Director Ronan Kerneur and producer Arnaud Kerneur will join us at Pelicam this year for a Q&A after the screening.