Stories of the Sea

(Les Contes de la Mer)
Germany, Chile, Estonia, 2013, 45 min.
Directed by
Aleksandra Zareba, Ignacio Ruiz & Gabriela Salguero, Pärtel Tall
animation / children @en

Its a program of three animated shorts dedicated to little ones (3-6 yo)  in order to discover the beauty of the seas.

THE LITTLE RED PAPER SHIP - Aleksandra Zareba (Germany, 13 min.)

A little paper ship dreams of exploring the sea and starts its journey on all seas in the world.

ENCO – Ignacio Ruiz & Gabriela Salguero (Chile, 17 min.)

On a deserted beach, a little guy embarks on a mysterious ship. This is how his journey starts, a journey between dream and reality.

SAND GUYPärtel Tall (Estonia, 15min.)

What happens when we leave the beach in the evening? The little sand creatures come to life!