Women and Water – GFN 2015 Award

(La mujer y el agua)
Spain, 2013, 65 min.
Directed by
Nocem Collado
rights / water / women

Green Film Network Award 2015



In many parts of the world, it falls to women to collect water, and so they become responsible for their family’s health, after abandoning school at a very early age. They are also the first to suffer when faced with scarcity.

The 2014 documentary directed by Nocem Collado (Spain) tells four stories by drawing parallels between the cycles of water and the cycles of life, analyzing the relationship of women and water and raises one of the issues we will be examining more frequently in the future: who has the right to water, when it is scarce? Its main characters belong to the most representative part of rural and urban Indian society.

The film won the Green Film Network Award 2015 and Nocem Collado, the director of the film, will join us at Pelicam for a Q&A after the screening.