I Talk Otherwise

(I Talk Otherwise)
Italy/Switzerland, 2016, 117 min.
Directed by
Cristian Cappucci
cultural heritage / Danube / environment / mediu @en / natural heritage

I Talk Otherwise is a film about a journey along the Danube seen from the viewpoint of the river itself. It follows the path from West to East, from the Black Forest to the Black Sea, flowing between the mixtures, the rafts, and the cultural contradictions of the lands crossed by the great river. Conceived  as a road-doc-movie, it trails the river from its source in Germany, across Austria and some former communist countries – Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania – all the way to its mouth in the Black Sea. Like a snapshot of the 20th century, the river is a metaphor for its changes, from the past to the future of Europe.