Jungle Sisters

India/Uk, 2015, 76 min.
Directed by
Chloe Ruthven
fashion / industry

Sheffield Doc Fest 2015

Open City Documentary Festival, London

IDFA Amsterdam 2015

Hamburg FF

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In 2008 the Indian Government launched an initiative to train 500 million of the rural poor to work in its growing industrial sector.

Chloe Ruthven’s thought-provoking film tells the story of two village girls, Bhanu and Bhuntu, whose induction into the working world is overseen by Orlanda, Ruthven’s sister. Orlanda works with a company that places girls into textiles factories to produce clothes for corporate giants such as Gap. As Bhanu and Bhuntu travel to the city to take their places as part of India’s business-friendly future, the reality of life on the factory floor forces all three of them to face questions of social justice, family loyalty and the role of corporate responsibility.

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