Digital Food

(Digital Food)
The Netherlands, 2015, 47 min.
Directed by
Martijn Kieft
environment / food / mediu @en / oameni @en / sustainability / technology

Wild & Scenic Film Festival 2015 – official selection

Modern food production is largely dependent on fossil fuels. Now that we are beginning to reach the end of them, the main question remains: How will we feed a global population of 9 billion people in 2050? In the Netherlands, Belgium and Silicon Valley, numerous startups have sprung up that use smart technology, big data and new distribution systems to find solutions for this issue.

The film explores tomorrow’s food, which not only needs to be sustainable, tasty and organic, but mainly nutritious and above all sufficient for all earthlings. Will the approach of this new generation of food startups help us to ensure the necessary quantity and quality of food in the future?