Reverence: The Monarch Project

(Reverence: The Monarch Project)
Canada, 2015, 13 min.
Directed by
Jean-Nicolas Orhon
art / butterflies / environment / mediu @en / oameni @en

International Festival of Films on Art (FIFA) – Montréal, Canada, 2016

San Francisco Green Film Festival – San Francisco, USA, 2016

Festival de films pour l’environnement – Portneuf, Canada, 2016

Film for (a better) Future Festival – Atlanta, USA, 2016

Reverence: The Monarch Project presents the synergy between art and science. The duet Spazuk-Delhaes collected, in their natural environment, thousands of traces of monarch butterflies on some carbon black to assemble then and create a self-portrait of it majestic lepidopterous.

From Mexico to Quebec, the film depicts the journey of these insects who’s survival is threatened. Thanks to a meticulous work involving hundreds of volunteers who cut and and assemble pixels to form a unique image. The artistic creation’s purpose is to raise awareness about precariousness of the animal and vegetable life.