Best of GREEN Shorts from Interfilm BERLIN

FRIDAY, 17th June, 13:00 // Jean Bart Cultural Center

The Elements strike back, 70 min.


Jonah – Uk / 2013 / 17:30min – animation

Dir: Kibwe  Tavares

Mbwana and Juma are best friends with big dreams in a poor but contented coastal village. When they accidentally photograph a gigantic fish, their home changes dramatically.


Follow The Frog

USA / 2012 / 3:00min / experimental

Dir: Max Joseph

He’s a good worker and firmly anchored in daily life. The needs of the environment make him take to his heels. Radical and intense.


The real bears Finland / 2012 / 4:00min – animation

Dir: Lucas Zanotto

Take it from the polar bears: You might want to think twice before grabbing that soda.


 La vraie nature

Canada / 2013 / 2 min / experimental

Dir: Xuan-Huy  Nguyen

Canada’s 22nd Prime Minister: environmentally friendly?


Mad Sausage

Netherlands / 2013 / 1:30min / short fiction / ficțiune

Dir Louis Van Zwol

If the sausage could talk, it would say a mouthful.


Grünes Gold / Green Gold

Germany / 2012 / 13:00min – animație/ animation

Dir: Barbara Marheineke

Alma is seven and lives in a small desert village in Iraq. The village has electricity, but nobody really knows where it comes from…



Dir: Oleg Serdyuk

Ukraine / 2012 / 2:00min / music video clip


A musically and rhythmically fast-paced look at the often senseless dependance on fossil fuels, and the inevitable disaster it brings.



Director(s): Siqi Song China / USA, 2014  3:30 min

When it comes to nutrition, the groceries finally get a say.


Chicken Cube

Director(s): Renate Pommerening, Anna Penkner

Germany, 2014  3:00 min – Animation

Chickens of the next generation are square. That way, they can be much more easily packaged.


iIllustration : compostage

Director(s): elise auffray

France, 2014  2:30 min Genre: Short Fiction, Animation


Shadow Tree / Mti Wakivuli

Director(s): Biju Viswanath

Tanzania, 2014  10:30 min Genre: Short Fiction

A boy discovers a fish in a pool of polluted water. To provide the fish with fresh water and help it survive, the boy uses his inventiveness.


Ain’t No Fish

Director(s): Tom Gasek, Michael Cash

England, 2013  3:30 min – Animation

Both funny and macabre, seals deliriously sing of overfishing, the destruction of ocean habitat and the necessity to save the species.



Director(s): Florian Wittmann, Falko Paeper, Roman Kaelin

Germany, 2014  4:00 min Genre: Short Fiction, Animation

Flesh is mortal, but it’s also the hope for new life. Ploughing their way through the urban nothing, these seeds grow, bud and blossom through sheer force.