Keith Partridge Lecture

Keith Partridge is one of the world’s most experienced extreme location film-makers and cameramen with credits for The BAFTA winning Touching the Void , Emmy winning The Beckoning Silence and the BBC’s flagship series Human Planet.

Capturing the essence of adventure in over 60 extreme films has taken Partridge to some of the worlds most hostile and spectacular environments.  From the Eiger’s North Face, the Arctic in winter and Alaska to the white-water caves of Papua New Guinea and the summit of Everest.  Keith has continually pushed the limits of extreme film-making for television and cinema.  Productions in which he has played a key role have notched up dozens of international film awards, three BAFTAs and an INTERNATIONAL EMMY. In 2004 Keith was presented with the International Explorers Festival ‘Camera Extreme’ Award for his work on the documentary feature film of Joe Simpson’s ‘Touching the Void’.  In 2012 he received an EMMY for Outstanding Cinematography for the BBC series ‘Human Planet’.


His personal journey has been a committed one.  Winter 1990 saw Keith Partridge leave his job as a cameraman and sound-recordist with the BBC after six years of service.  Three weeks later, with climbing suspended in a torrent of spindrift, he was holed up in a snow-cave contemplating his future.  His strategy had been a high risk one, involving the sale of everything he owned, everything that is except his climbing kit.  As another bitter storm swept across Iceland’s Vatnajokull icecap, fuelling his passion for wild places, the marriage of adventure and film-making was an obvious course.


His multi-skilled background has enabled him to develop shooting techniques that have catapulted the viewer to the steepest of rock faces, the most challenging of ice and the remotest of locations.  He has developed a ground-breaking lightweight filming techniques.  In a training capacity he has tutored to the BBC’s National Training Centre and played a key role in the development of the Adventure Film Academy in the UK and the Adventure Film-makers’ Workshop in Banff, Canada.  His work has been shown on the BBC, Discovery, Channel 4, ITV, National Geographic, Pathe Films and 20th Century Fox.

He was an Olympic Torch Bearer for the London 2012 games.

Keith will be with us at Pelicam 2013 and on Saturday, June 15, 14:30, he will have a lecture on his EXTREME experiences.

Art Cafe, Casa Avramide.