Outernational meets Pelicam

FRIDAY, 9 June,  22.oo // Avramide House
Outernational Days is an annual festival of music and related arts that takes place in Bucharest and includes a series of concerts with bands from around the world, DJ sets, discussions, installations, workshops, debates, documentaries and presentations centered around the Outernational concept . Outernational is a relatively new term used in music and musicology and refers to current, contemporary genres of genre specific to subcultures or peripherals in the cultural space that do not directly identify with Western norms. Outernational is defined in opposition to International. It has its own forms of cultural promotion and dissemination that also operate globally, even though they often come from peripheries, both cultural and geographic. Music assimilated as Outernational is found all over Asia Minor, in East Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe, including Romania. Part of Outernational Days, Leascv and Minulescu, will bring this year to Pelicam a DJ set that combines fieldrecordings of nature and organic sounds with ethnic music from little-known cultures.