Pelicam Festival closing concert ­ SUBCARPAȚI

Sunday, june 15th, 21:30

Mircea cel Bătrân Square, Tulcea


SUBCARPAȚI is BEAN, VALI UMBRĂ, DJ POWER PE VINIL & VJ ANDRI. Together with Georgiana Mănăilă, they will perform in Mircea cel Batrân Square in Tulcea, on june 15th, at 21:30 hrs.

SUBCARPAȚI is a contemporary cultural manifesto. The band was born in 2010 with the launch of their namesake album. SUBCARPAȚI (, started out as music project involving Bean (Şuie Paparude), Omu Gnom (Raparta), Mara Panaitescu and DJ Limun. Since then they have released two more albums, a compilation titled CULESE DIN CARTIER (GATHERED FROM THE HOOD) in june 2011 and UNDERGROUND FOLCLOR in june 2012. On june 13th, they will release their new album entitled Pielea de găină (Goosebumps), in Bucharest. Their albums can be downloaded for free from .


What does folklore mean for Subcarpati?

Bean (band leader, vocal and composer/writer):
“For me it’s a source of energy. I had been the kind of person who used to look down on folklore and who used to have a bad opinion about Romania. Until I decided to give folk music one more chance and I discovered that it had the power to reconnect me to my childhood and I began to really enjoy it. Folk music has started to talk to me in a different way and has helped me discover a new self­consciousness. I have become aware of the fact that many Romanians fought for their country and have managed to change our lives. For their sake and for our own sake we must learn to preserve the traditions for which they fought.”