Pelicam Talks

Pelicam Talks is a series of debates in which we try to find some answers to current questions relating to environment and humans. Together with our guests from the documentaries screened and professionals from our country, we will seek possible answers and contextualize global issues at a local level. This year, the discussions have as topics: fashion industry, land grabbing, nuclear energy, urban ecology and coal mining. The discussions will be moderated by journalist Andra Matzal.



The fashion industry is the second most polluting industry in the world, after oil. The clothes we wear daily hide dramatic stories about modern slaves working in factories from the Third World, but also alarming figures about resources used and emissions produced during the manufacturing of textiles.   

As part of this topic, the following films will be screened:

The True Cost” (Andrew Morgan, 2015, USA)

Jungle Sisters” (Chloe Ruthven, 2015, India/UK)

Out of Fashion” (Jaak Kilmi, Lennart Labarenz, 2015, Estonia)

Inside Fur” (Ola Wageen, 2015, Norway)

The guests for the talk are:

Lucy Siegle (journalist for The Guardian, producer The True Cost)

Reet Aus (fashion designer and protagonist of Out of Fashion)

Laura Ștefănuț (journalist, author of an investigative coverage on manufacture factories from Romania and Bulgaria)

Ioana Ciolacu (Romanian designer).



Urban Tides (Simone Eleveld, 2015, Netherlands) shows us how a former naval yard can be transformed into a community space where everyone can learn to live in harmony with nature. 

The guests include:

  • Simone Eleveld, the director of the film
  • Cynthia Mooij, the initiator of the De Ceuvel project
  • Ștefan Ghenciulescu, architect, founder of Zeppelin



 “The Babushkas of Chernobyl” (Holly Morris, Anne Bogart, 2015, Ukraine/USA) shows the everyday life of old women picking raspberries and raising animals, as if they would not live in an area where no one dares to go.  

The guests of this talk are :

  • Holly Morris, the director of the film
  • Lavinia Andrei, president of Terra Millennium III



Land Grabbing” (Kurt Langbein, 2015, Germany) is talking about the amplitude of a phenomenon threatening the survival of small farmers, in favour of big corporations which ensure themselves access to the world’s most important resources. 

The speakers are :

  • Kurt Langbein, the director of the film
  • Attila Szocs, campaigner Eco Ruralis




Behemoth” (Zhao Liang, 2015, China) combines documentary with art filmmaking to show the human and environmental costs of mining and consumption in China, the largest consumer of coal and the biggest polluter in the world. 

Invitații la dezbatere sunt:

  • Ionut Cepraga, campaign coordinator at Greenpeace
  • Andreea Pocotilă, journalist