Pitching Session UBB @Pelicam

SUNDAY, 11 June, 11.00 // Art Cafe Casa Avramide

This year, as well, master studends of the Faculty of Theater and Film at Babeş-Bolyai University in Cluj-Napoca, coordinated by Dan Curean, will come to Pelicam to present their film projects. The students at the documentary film program – the new programme set up in autumn 2015 -, will present their projects in development (info + trailer).

The jury consists of Krini Kafiris - media researcher, teacher and activist – and Dan Draghicescu – creative director for BIFF and the production company Chainsaw Europe.

The winners of this year’s pitching session are:

CANINE by Ioana Pop, a documentary that follows a man, now in his 50′s, named Adi, who found a way not to obey these social rules. He made choices that very few people could make in the era of comfort. Although he has bachelor studies, Adi chose to be a homeless man and rescue stray dogs. He currently owns 30 dogs and lives in a house a woman bought for him in the countryside (40 km from Cluj Napoca). With no heating in the winter, but with books and a tablet with internet he satisfies his constant thirst of knowledge and could talk like an unstructured encyclopedia. This is his way of feeling free from a society he does not identify with. He feels his only true listeners are his dogs as they are not judgmental. 

A DANGEROUS SHOW by Andrada Reste, a film that aims to analyze the false portrayal of women in Romanian mainstream media, debating an important issue, more precisely that media is selling the idea that the value of girls and women lies in their beauty, youth and sexuality, and not in their capacity to be leaders. By combining a series of interviews with media analysts, psychologists, Romanian TV personalities and 3 teenage girls that are studying journalism at a Romanian high school, I intend to show how this TV sexism plays a destructive role in a teenage girl`s ability to obtain any kind of confidence, in a society where the media is such a convincing force.