Rewilding Europe Photo Exhibition at Pelicam

Danube Delta,  new perspectives

We usually recall from films stills that nourish our imagination and give us a new perspective towards the wolrd we live in. At Pelicam International Film Festival, Rewilding Europe and WWF-Romania are proposing a trip to Danube Delta in 40 shots, in order to bring the audience closer to the Delta and to encourage him to start his own expedition. The photographs made by  Staffan Widstrand, Magnus Lundgren, Florian Möllers and Cristian Mititelu-Răileanu will guide you into the depths of Danube inhabited by sturgeons, on the surface of water filled with water lilies, in Letea forest with its old oaks, in the mundane life of the Delta, up in the skies, above the colonies of pelicans. These images tell the story of one of the areas where we initiate a new approach for preservation, in which people protect and live in harmony with the wild nature.


AboutWWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) 

Establishe din 1961, WWF is one of the most important international organizations active on projects for preservating the nature, in over 100 countries. WWF mission at a global level is to stop the deterioration of the environment and to built a future for people to live in harmony with nature. More details here:

About Rewilding Europe

Rewilding Europe comes with a fresh vision for preserving the nature at a European level, with more space for nature, wild life and natural approaches. To revitalise the variety of life in order for us all to get joy out of it and to find solutions for people to live equitably with the help of nature. The five areas where Rewilding Europe works in are: The Danube Delta (Romania), Oriental Carpathian Mountains (Slovakia and Poland), South Carpathian Mountains (Romania), Velebit Mountains (Croatia) and The West of Iberia Island (Portugal and Spain). Rewilding Europe’s purpose is to give back to wild life at least a million hectares by 2022, to create ten wild areas and quality natural areas that become the bases for a new competitive and sustainable rural economy in these areas, to serve as example for elsewhere. More details here: