Workshop on web documentary with Stephane Siohan

Gol! Ukraine – a web-documentary less about soccer and more about Ukraine

What’s a web documentary and how much does it influence the journalistic narration and the documentary types?

What’s the future of the documentary genre on the web platform and the social network?

These are the questions Stéphane Siohan asks within the presentation of the web documentary Gol! Ukraine, broadcasted in 2012 on the infamous French newspaper’s website Le and on Arte web.

Stephane, a reporter for more than 10 years, knows Romania well, lived and worked in Bucharest for two years. From Kiev to Donetsk, passing through Cernobal and Lviv, he will screen at Pelicam a serie of documentaries in which Gol! Ukraine is included and also will do a demonstration of the interactive interface function. He will explain further on the landscape in which documentaries settle, in our times, in a continuous phase of change in France.

Gol! Ukraine, a web documentary by Stéphane Siohan and Matthieu Sartre (production : le Monde. fr & Kids Up Hill), 2012.


Sunday, June 16, 11h

Centrul Cultural Jean Bart, Tulcea