About the city of Tulcea

Also known as the Gate To The Danube Delta, Tulcea offers the perfect venue for such an event that is focused on the environment. It’s a multiethnic town, situated on a number of hills, with Danube at its feet, in its path towards the Delta and later on towards the Black Sea. As you might have guessed, its main attraction is the river Danube and its Delta, which starts right here. One might say that all the roads lead to the Delta, a vast fortress, where water meets land and creates a floating paradise for so many species, not to mention fishermen, hunters and of course bird watchers.

The Reservation of The Danube Delta is the second largest one in Europe when it comes to size, and the third one in the world if we are talking about its ecological importance.

The Romanian government and the world nature organizations have started to give special attention to preserving this international treasure. As a consequence, the Reservation Of The Danube Delta has been recently included in various national and international programs meant to raise awareness for preserving this ecological habitat.

The goal of the Festival is also to draw attention to taking care of this fragile reservation, as well as to the come up with solutions for sustainable development of the area.