At The Other Side Of Technology

(At The Other Side Of Technology)
Spain, 2016, 29 min.
Directed by
José Prieto, Leonardo Llamas
consumerism / deșeuri @en / pollution / poluare @en / reusing / sărăcie @en / technology

Ahmed, Halid and Ismaeel, immigrants belonging to the Dagomba minority tribe, live and work in Agbogbloshie, a district in Ghana’s capital Accra, final destination of useless electronic devices from developed countries and one of the most polluted places on Earth. Most of its 20,000 inhabitants make a living out of dismantling and burning these devices, exposing themselves to highly toxic materials day after day. In a time where computers, tablets, mobile devices, etc., are becoming obsolete and disposed of at an incredibly fast pace, this documentary serves as a reflection about the consequences of the consumerism of the industrialized nations through an intimate portrait of the lives of the individuals of a community in the third world.

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