Brothers of Silence

(Birayên Bê Dengî yê)
Turkey, 2017, 86 min.
Directed by
Taylan Mintaș
Toso Mintaș, Çao Minta, Asim Mintaș, Cengiz Mintaș, Tanji Mintaș, Yazgul Mintaș
community / comunitate / countryside / natură / probleme sociale @en / rural / social issue

Duhok International Film Festival 2018 – Documentary section

Malatya International Film Festival 2017 – nominated Crystal Apricot Award

Brothers of Silence is a random example in Turkish documentary making of the cinema vérité both in style and storytelling.  The loosely scripted film’s plot revolves around the family of the filmmaker’s mute cousins Toso and Çao Mintas for four years.