Lake of Apples

(Lake of Apples)
Macedonia, 2017, 30 min.
Directed by
Ljubo Stefanov, Tamara Kotevska
ecosystem / farming / fishing / pesticides / pollution / water

Filmed over one year, this documentary follows the changing fortunes of beautiful Lake Prespa – one of the oldest freshwater lakes on Earth, providing a habitat for over 2,000 species of plants and animals, many of them unique to this ancient ecosystem.

An elderly fisherman rows out across the lake to check on his fishing nets. It’s the same trip he’s made every morning for most of his life. But other things have changed. The famous pelicans and cormorants are not staying here in the same numbers any more. And the fisherman’s nets now only catch algae. The future for the lake and all the lives that depend on it are highly uncertain.