Austria, 2017, 105 min.
Directed by
Michael Glawogger, Monika Willi
contemporary society / environment / mediu @en / observation / travelling

Vienna International Film Festival 2017 – Winner Vienna Film Award for Best Documentary

Madrid International Documentary Film Festival 2017 – Nominated for Best Feature-Length Documentary

Hong Kong International Film Festival 2017 – Nominated Golden Firebird Award

More than two years after the sudden death of Michael Glawogger in April 2014, film editor Monika Willi realizes a film out of the film footage produced during 4 months and 19 days of shooting in the Balkans, Italy, Northwest and West Africa. A journey into the world to observe, listen and experience, the eye attentive, courageous and raw. Serendipity is the concept – in shooting as well as in editing the film.

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