Guests 2016


Catherine Scholz, Germania

Catherine was born and raised in Germany. After finishing school, she moved to Italy and enrolled at the University of Bologna in Film and Performing Arts. She completed her studies with an additional course of cultural anthropology at UWA in Western Australia and obtained her Master degree with an experimental thesis about the representation of indigenous people in film.

She has been involved in the project ‘I talk otherwise’ since the early beginning as Line producer while being director’s assistant on set. She is now supporting the distribution of the film in German speaking countries and Greece where she lives since 2011.

She’ll be presenting I Talk Otherwise, film she produced.

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ioana ciolacu

Ioana Ciolacu – designer, Romania

Ioana Ciolacu is a Romanian designer. She studied fashion design at London College of Fashion. In 2010 she opened her own fashion house in București. Ioana embeds sustainable principles in her business. Leftover materials are sent to Călărași to be used in making traditional rugs.

attilla szocs

Attila Szocs, Romania

Attila Szocs is a campaigner for access to land, food sovereignty and the rights of small farmers at Eco-Ruralis, an association from Cluj with over 3.000 members around the country. Attila researches the phenomenon of land grabbing of infields in Romania, being the coordinator of the last study on the topic.


Lavinia Andrei, Romania

Lavinia Andrei is president of Terra Mileniul III Foundation, an organization which militates against nuclear energy and for a clean energetic future, for over 20 years. Lavinia is an activist with 25 years of experience in environmental protection.

stefan ghenciulescu

Ștefan Ghenciulescu, Romania

Ștefan Ghenciulescu is an architect, publicist and researcher in the area of architecture and urbanism. He is an editor in chief for Zeppelin magazine, and a lecturer at UAUIM, having obtained his PhD in urbanism in 2004. A NEC fellow and guest professor at architecture schools in Belgium and Germany, he has done many architecture, design and urbanism projects.

laura stefanut

Laura Ștefănuț, Romania

Laura Ștefănuț is a journalist, editor for DigiTV. She contributes to Casa Jurnalistului, Think Outside the Box and other national and international media outlets. As part of Balkan Fellowship for Journalistic Excellence, she completed ‘Made in Europe’, an investigation of the abuses done by clothing factories in Romania and Bulgaria.

Razvan Sima_mug shot

Răzvan Sima, Romania

Compelled by an instinct of understanding human nature, Razvan felt that the best way he could express his findings was through film. His formation starts in the audiovisual craft started in the Multimedia department of the Faculty of Fine Arts of the West University of Timisoara followed by the Film Production program of Vancouver Film School out of which he graduates both in directing and cinematography.

For six years, after graduating film school, he has filled either the director’s and cinematographer’s chair on various commercials, fiction and documentary films.

At Pelicam 2016 he’ll be presenting his short film, The Sense Keepers.

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Noël Tamini, Switzerland

In the early 1970s, Swiss-born Noël Tamini, nicknamed the poet of Salvan, founded the magazine Spiridon. For fifteen years, it would spread the new vision of long-distance running all over the world, going to the barricades to defend the major anti-reactionary causes: free practice for all, and for women in particular, emancipation from federated sports systems and the freedom to organize races outside of stadiums.

At Pelicam 2016 he will be presenting the film FREE TO RUN.

Ukraine Revolution

Stéphane Siohan, France

Stéphane Siohan is a journalist, documentary director and producer for EAST ROADS production company. Based in Kiev since 2013, he is a correspondent for Le Figaro, Le Temps, Le Soir, Canal+, iTele, RTL, Radio Canada. Stéphane is following Maïdan phenomenon, Crimea’s annexation by Russia and the war in Donbass, which still goes on. At the end of 2015 he was nominated for Bayeux-Calvados, an award dedicat to war correspondents, the most prestigious rewards in France for war reporters; he was nominated for the coverage done in Ukraine, run by Society and Le Figaro. 

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Maxime Gyselinck, Belgium

Max Gyselinck is a Belgian freelance photographer based in Athens since 2002. Working on assignment and published in numerous international newspapers and magazines such as Le Monde, L’Obs, Le Soir, Causette, La Tribune, Le Figaro, The Guardian, Land among others. In 2002 he moved to Athens, Greece and started to work as a freelance photographer covering from the 2004 Athen’s olympic games till today Greece’s socio-political issues and economic crisis.

borja zausen

Borja Zausen, Spain

Borja Zausen is a filmmaker and photographer born in Madrid and living in Palma de Mallorca. In 2007 he filmed his first feature film El Beso Salado. Between 2007 and 2008 he wrote and directed three short films (Amasalavida, Taujans and Taujans, la trobada).  He has made several documentary films since taking up filmmaking. He is concerned about environmental issues and sustainability, and tries to avoid CO2 emissions throughout his projects.

simone eleveld

Simone Eleveld, Netherlands

Simone Eleveld is a filmmaker based in Amsterdam. After finishing her studies in Cultural Analysis and Literature, she started working as a filmmaker in 2013, having as clients the Dutch Ministry of Healthcare, the cultural platform Archis and Metabolic. She colaborated with Metabolic for her documentary debut, Urban Tides. The interaction between grassroots movements and authorities continue to fascinate her and the theme regularly pops up in her work.

cynthia mooij

Cynthia Mooij, Netherlands

Cynthia was raised on St. Maarten in the Caribbean. She holds a Bachelor’s in International Business and Management from Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. She began working with the Metabolic Foundation in 2014, and is involved with Caribbean Foundation for Sustainability. Cynthia aims to combine business with her passion for sustainable development and believes in empowering people through education and civic entrepreneurship.

She is one of the producers for Urban Tides, on behalf of Metabolic Foundation.


Reet Aus, Estonia

Reet Aus has worked as a fashion designer since 1997. Since 2002 she has created her collections using the principle of reusing discarded materials to create a product of higher value, or upcycling. This process allows the textile waste produced during garment manufacture to be sent back into production through smart design, thus noticeably reducing the environmental impact of the industry. Reet Aus wrote her doctoral thesis on the possibilities of introducing upcycling into mass production in the fashion industry. Reet Aus is a Senior Research Fellow at the Estonian Academy of Arts and active as a costume designer in theater and film productions throughout Estonia.

Honors: TOP 3 European Environmentally Friendly Enterprise (2014), Woman of the Year (BPW Estonia 2014), Noteworthy Young Estonian (TOYP Estonia 2014), Environmentally Friendly Enterprise (Ministry of the Environment 2013), Civil Society Enterprise of the Year (NGO Association 2013), Woman of the Year – Magazine “Anne ja Stiil” (2013), Fashion Motor (2009), Natalie Mei Theatre Arts Annual Prize (2007), Estonian Theatre Prize (2006), Republic of Estonia Cultural Prize (2004), Little Needle (2003).

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Lucy Siegle - executive producer_small

Lucy Siegle – The Guardian & BBC One, UK

Lucy Siegle has written a weekly ethical living column for The Observer since 2004  and two books, including Green Living in the Urban Jungle  and To Die For. She has contributed to various television and radio programs, including magazines Marie Claire, Grazia and Elle. She reports and speaks about environmental issues on TV and radio, including The 5 O’Clock Show, Five’s The Wright Stuff, Sky News and BBC Radio 4′s You and Yours.

Lucy is a current reporter for The Guardian and BBC One’s The One Show.

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Holly Morris, USA

HOLLY MORRIS (Director, Producer) makes films that explore the lives of risk-taking, contemporary women around the globe; including, Behind Closed Chad-ors (Iran), Holy Cow (India), Mana Wahines (New Zealand) and Paradox Found (Cuba) – all broadcast on PBS, and internationally, as part of her Adventure Divas documentary series. Her award-winning journalism on the Babushkas of Chernobyl (2011), also published as A Country of Women, and The Women Living in Chernobyl’s Toxic Wasteland and The Best Travel Writing; Travelers Tales first reported on the women of the Zone and is also the subject of her popular TED Talk. Her story the subculture of illegal ‘Stalkers’ inside the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone was originally published in Slate. Morris is a longtime presenter for the internationally broadcast series Globe Trekker.

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