Guests 2017

krini kafiris

Krini Kafiris, Greece

Krini Kafiris is a media researcher, teacher and activist. She received a DPhil in Media and Cultural Studies from the University of Sussex and has taught at British, Cypriot and Greek universities. She has also worked on gender and media related projects with NGOs in Greece and Cyprus as well as UNDP-ACT. Recently, she developed and presented a radio program at ERTopen in Greece focusing on the radical imagination. Her research currently focuses on representations of crisis and resistance in Greek and European media, and especially in documentary film during 2010 – 2015. She is co-producing a radio documentary, Women of Kobane, Women of a Revolution with Marina Mantzou, and is also working as a research/story consultant for the documentary film, The Trace of Time by Dionysia Kopana. She is active in the feminist and solidarity economy movements in Greece.

Krini will be a part of the board analysing the students’ projects of the Documentary Filmmaking MA programme from Babes-Bolyai University.

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julien coman trambouze

Julien Trambouze, France

Julien Trambouze is a journalist, radio host, gardener and educator. For many years now, his radio production has focused on environmental issues. For a third year, Julien will coordinate the Radio Journalism Workshop, organised at Pelicam together with the International Organisation of La Francophonie, the Regional Francophone Centre for Advanced Studies in Social Sciences, and the Francophone University Association .


Andrei Coșuleanu, Romania

Andrei Coșuleanu is the executive director of l Let’s Do It, Romania!, a Romanian social movement determined to make a change that organizes ecological actions. Andrei has graduated from the Faculty of Political Sciences and is working with Let’s Do It, Romania! for over 7 years.

Andrei Coșuleanu will be present at the debate on RECYCLING at Pelicam Talks 2017.

raluca ouriaghli

Raluca Ouriaghli, Romania

Raluca Ouriaghli is an expert for European and national networks: ENSIE, Rreuse and she is curently the President of RiseRomania – the national network of work integration social economy enterprises, an umbrella organisation for 11 Romanian Work Integration Social Enterprises and of the Romanian anti-Poverty Coalition. After working with several international NGOs and a work integration social enterprise in France, Raluca Ouriaghli co-founded with Patrick Ouriaghli, Ateliere Fara Frontiere, a work integration social economy non-profit enterprise in Bucharest, Romania, creating jobs for the most disadvantaged target groups (ex offenders, homeless, people with disabilities, health problems and various addictions, Roma people).

Raluca will be talking about  SOCIAL ECONOMY with Andra Matzal and Hernan Mazzeo, at Pelicam Talks 2017.

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roxana pencea

Roxana Pencea, Romania

Roxana Pencea is a campaigner for Miner Watch Romania’s, a network of organizations joining local communities in their efforts to stop destructive mining projects on an industrial scale. Roxana is also one of the oldest activists for Roşia Montană, helping to save the Apuseni village from a mining project using cyanidation .

Roxana will be present at a discussion on natural resources exploitation, as a part of Pelicam Talks 2017.

Elena Rastei, Romania

Elena Rastei is an Adviser to the Environment Minister and is the chairman of Zero Waste Romania. She shares the mission of Zero Waste: a world without waste and a reconsideration of people’s relationship with resources.

Elena will be present at Pelicam to take part in the discussion on RECYCLING at Pelicam Talks 2017.


Claudiu Butacu, Romania

Claudiu Butacu, president of the Solar Decathlon Association in Bucharest, is 27 years old and has contributed over the last three years to the implementation of the EFdeN project, which involved the construction of an energy efficient and independent solar energy house, awarded nationally and internationally. Claudiu is Romania’s representative at the World Energy Council and is elected in TOP 100 Future Energy Leaders.

Claudiu will take part in the discussion on RENEWABLE ENERGY at Pelicam Talks 2017, together with film director Carl Fechner and Andra Matzal.

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Mihai Stoica, Romania

Mihai is a freelance photo and video journalist with a bachelor in Communication Sciences and master studies in Social and Cultural Anthropology. His media work involves investigating and documenting social and environmental issues for mass-media and NGOs in Romania and internationally.

Since 2007, Mihai has featured stories about the socio-environmental effects of coal and gold mining in Romania, palm oil expansion in Colombia and climate negotiations in Denmark, among others. In 2013, he also started working as an environmental campaigner and researcher on sustainable transport and bioenergy issues with 2Celsius – an environmental NGO that he helped co-found back in 2010 – which focuses on climate change related policies, media production and non-formal education.

Mihai will be present at Pelicam Talks 2017, taking part in a discussion on BIOENERGY.

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mircea albutiu

Mircea Albuțiu, Romania

Mircea Albuţiu is an acclaimed Cluj photographer, specialized in musical, dance and theater events, one of the few Romanian photographers promoted, after recognizing the excellence of his artistic approach, on The Leica Camera Blog. Mircea Albuţiu’s photographic work is based on a documentary exploration of reality, an interest that has led him to the documentary film and is currently enrolled in the Masters Degree Program of Documentary Filmmaking at Babeş-Bolyai University.

His recent documentary The Host will be presented at Pelicam, in the short films competition.

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dragos lumpan

Dragoș Lumpan, Romania

Dragoș Lumpan has in his portfolio several collaborations with National Geographic Romania; he is a member of UAP (Union of Fine Artists), UCIN (Union of Cinematographers) and AAF (Association of Photographers). He is a graduate of the University of Theater and Film in Bucharest, the Faculty of Film, and the Faculty of Theology of Bucharest, the department of pastoral theology. In recent years he has been a director of photography for long and short feature films, exhibiting in Venice, London, Luxembourg, New York, Washington, Boston, Dartmouth, San Francisco, Bucharest and Sibiu. Dragoș Lumpan is one of the important names in the contemporary Romanian photography, whether it is in the field of photographic art, publicity or press photography.

Dragoş Lumpan will be present at Pelicam 2017 to present his latest project, Transhumance, the opening film of the festival.

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Alessandro de Pascale, Italy

Alessandro De Pascale is an investigative journalist, a director and a war reporter. Always engaged in the search for truth beyond official versions, he is the author of Telecamorra (Lantana 2012), Parolis Case: Sex, Drugs and Afghanistan (co-author Antonio Parisi, 2013), Commerce (Castelvecchi 2014). In Italy, his investigations have been published in several national newspapers, such as Left, Il Manifesto, Vice, Voce delle Voci, Il Punto, Terra, La Nueva Ecologia. In 2017 he released his first documentary, Burning Issues, which he will present in this edition of Pelicam.

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Hernan Mazzeo, France

Born in Uruguay in the breast of an Italian family, he arrives in Europe very young. Obtains a degree in audiovisual communication at the University of the Basque Country (Bilbao, Spain). After the university, he change several cities: Barcelona, Rome, Buenos Aires. He alternates the production of cinema and live performance projects. In 2012 he moved to Paris to fully dedicate himself to cinema in the company Lardux Films.


Sophie Bensadoum, France

A graduate of Femis, Sophie Bensadoun has done more than twenty documentaries for France Télévisions, several science films for CNRS, as well as fiction shorts. She makes films on various themes that often have in common concepts of extraordinary, invention of the world at different scales, of solidarity.

valerio gnesini

Valerio Gnesini, Italy

Valerio Gnesini attended the Faculty of Preservation of Cultural Heritage at the University of Bologna. He started his career as a photographer collaborating with the Rest of Carlino, L’Espresso. He began his video production in 2008, taking part in some films such as Giorgio Diritti’s The Man Who Will Come and Ameriqua by Marco Bellone and Giovanni Consonni. He realized with the stage designer Giancarlo Basili the exhibition on Roberto Benigni “Bob and Nico”, curated by G.Bertolucci.

At Pelicam this year he’ll be presenting his documentary, Transumanza Tour.

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carl fechner

Carl Fechner, Germany

Carl-A Fechner is a German journalist, film-maker and film producer, known for documentaries about Germany’s Energiewende and sustainable energy more generally. Fechner took a degree in media education, graduating in 1980 with a diploma. During the First Gulf War, he served as a correspondent for ARD. His attention is the production of documentaries on sustainability. After producing more than 50 TV documentaries, Fechner produced his first cinema documentary in 2010 called The 4th Revolution – Energy Autonomy. Since 2016 he is in the board of management of Protect the Planet – Society for Ecological Change.

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lucio e anna

Lucio Basadonne, Italy

Before Unlearning, he was director of commercials and documentaries (on TV broadcasters e.g. Comedy Central, MTV, etc.), and his own bizarre video clips. When it came to more complex situations, he joined as a camera assistant, or director’s 1st assistant. In the Unlearing project, he’s the “factotum” for all audio-video issues.

He will be present at Pelicam for a Q&A session after the screening of Unlearning.


Meghan Horvath, USA/Uk

Meghan Horvath is a director/producer most interested in the stories and people who exist just beyond the lens of the mainstream media. Meghan was born in Steelton, Pennsylvania, began her career in New York and is now based in the U.K. She works predominantly in documentary but believes that each story will dictate the most appropriate genre and form.

She produced and directed the short film The Good Life, documentary that explores the impact of mining on two small towns: Tsumeb, Namibia and Krumovgrad, Bulgaria.


Tonći Gaćina, Croatia

Tonći Gaćina was born in 1983 in Split. He graduated from the Split Art Academy’s Department of Film and Video in 2010 and obtained a degree in Film and TV Directing (documentary film) at the Academy of Dramatic Art in Zagreb in 2015. His filmography includes Father, Heritage and FireHe has worked as a director, director of photography and camera assistant on numerous productions. 

In addition to making movies, he helps educate new film artists at Cine Club Split. 

At Pelicam this year he’ll be presenting his new documentary, Tourism!

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Georgi Lazarevski, France/Belgium

Born in Brussels in 1968, of Yugoslav origins, Georgi Lazarevski is a photographer, documentary filmmaker and director of photography. Pursuing a career in both photography and film, he is a member of photography agency Signatures, and has directed several documentary films. As a photographer, he has been working regularly for humanitarian organizations, such as Amnesty International, Equilibre and Talking Men.

oana ivan

Oana Ivan, Romania

Oana Ivan holds a PhD in Anthropology from the University of Kent (UK)/Babes-Bolyai University (Romania), and a Masters degree from University of Wyoming. She currently teaches at Babes-Bolyai University in Cluj, Romania. She started using the camera in order to make her academic research available to larger audience. Her previous films, “Inside Story – Rroma People from Balnaca Village” (2005) and “The EU, Sheep and Transylvanians” (2007), address issues of culture and adaptation strategies of local communities. Interested in eco-system management and policies, Dr. Ivan is also a consultant on various projects (The World Bank, The Romanian Academy) and a contributor to National Geographic magazine.

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avi levi

Avi Levi, Israel

Born in 1976 in Tel Aviv, Israel, Avi Levi is a cinematographer and film producer. He worked on several documentaries and on artistic projects, among which The Workshop, which represented Israel in the Venice Arts Biennale in 2013. In 2015 he concluded the work on Winding, which he co-directed, shot & produced.



Andrei Dăscălescu, Romania

Born in Piatra Neamț, Andrei Dăscălescu graduated from the National University of Cinema and Theatre in Bucharest, with a degree in Multimedia: Sound Editing. He worked as a editor and sound  designer on numerous films, including Youth without a Youth, directed by Francis Ford Coppola. He produced and directed Fly, a two-minute short film, selected in 12 international festivals and winner of two awards. He created and organized the Filmul de Piatră Film Festival.

susanne schul

Susanne Schule, Germany

Susanne Schüle studied camera at the Film University Babelsberg “Konrad Wolf”, gaining a diploma with honours. A freelance camerawoman, Schüle films cinema documentaries and has been recognised for her visual work numerous times at international festivals (awards include the German Short Film Prize, the Golden Dove in Leipzig, the Bayern Documentary Film Prize, the Hessen Film Prize, the Dekalog Film Prize and the Grimme Award). Free Fall is her first feature-length documentary as a director.

elena levina

Elena Levina, Germany/Russia

Elena Levina studied journalism at the Moscow State University, going on to work in Germany as a radio and television broadcast journalist as well as being an assistant director and co-author of documentary films. She has instigated joint German/Russian cultural projects and works as a translator in Berlin. Free Fall is her first feature-length documentary as a director.

dan draghicescu

Dan Drăghicescu, Romania

Dan is a creative director for BIFF and the production company Chainsaw Europe. Since 1998, he has been involved in advertising and film, producing more than 400 TV spots in Romania and abroad for key clients/brands. 

He is also a film producer for the independent short movie: “Transylvania Girl” with Maia Morgenstern produced with PINK STRIPE Group and selected by HBO like in the romanian independent program. Latest production directed by Mick Davis- The Silver Spoon with Mihai Sandu Gruia was selected in Cannes Short Film Corner 2015. He is also the Associate Producer  of “King’s War”(2016).

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