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Born in 1964. Graduated at Warsaw University. Founder and director of

PLANETE DOC FILM FESTIVAL and film distribution company Against Gravity in Warsaw. Specializing in feature length documentary films and European and Asia author’s cinema. Expert of Polish Film Institute. Currently also involved in education program based on documentary films for high schools and Universities.

www.planetedocff.pl; www.againstgravity.pl



Graduate of l’école Louis Lumière, with a passion for Kurosawa, Jean-Paul Jaud was born to direct. He got “trapped” by television by accident. He took part in the adventurous creation of CANAL +, channel for which he shot football matches and live sport events like he would have shot films.

Jean-Paul Jaud used to shoot football like a documentary ! Since 1986, very upset by the catastrophy in Tchernobyl, USRR, he becomes aware of the ecological emergency. In 1990, he directs LES QUATRE SAISONS DU BERGER (THE FOUR SEASONS OF THE SHEPHERD), a tribute to nature in the Pyrenean mountains. This film was awarded worldwide and was the starting point of the collection FOUR SEASONS IN FRANCE. IN THAT should not be in 2008, a documentary that sold 300,000 tickets in France, the homage Jaud pays to nature takes to a much more militant turn. Pressed by the ecological emergency, convinced that cinema has a crucial role to play in the safeguard of our civilization and of our planet, he chose to clarify the solutions.

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Thomas Ciulei, son of Romanian filmmaker Liviu Ciulei, has studied film in Munchen and New York, directing and producting films in the past 20 years, focusing on documentarie. Because of the fact that televisions and cinemas are not interested in this type of productions, he never gave up on this raw and honest genre. Multi-award winning filmmaker.