Jury 2014



Cristi Puiu, Romania

Film director and scriptwriter, Cristi Puiu is known as the initiator of the “Romanian new wave”. As a moviemaker he has a special interest in documentary film and this can be easily noticed in the fiction films that he authored. Many of his short length and fiction movies won important awards at international film festivals such as Un Certain Regard de Cannes for “The Death of Mr. Lazarescu”, the Golden Bear in Berlinale for “A pack of Kent and a Coffee Bag” and East of West at Karolvy Vary Film Festival for his recent long-feature film “Aurora”. The latter is the second from the series “Six stories from the outskirts of Bucharest”.

Cristi Puiu is also teaching film at UNATC in Bucharest and University of Bucharest.

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Ivan Patzaichin, Romania

Ivan Patzaichin, canoe multiple olympic and world champion, is one of the most important Romanian all time sports men and the most famous sport men coming from the region of the Danube Delta. He was also the coach of the Romanian Olympic team for kayak-canoe until 2010. Ivan Patzaichin is promoting eco-friendly discovery of nature and local communities, focusing especially on the Danube Delta but not only. He founded the cultural association “Ivan Patzaichin – Mila 23” focused on social entrepreneurship. The association supports Rowmania initiative, promoting alternative and original ways for tourism on rivers through the non-invasive rowing. The aim of this originally crafted eco tourism is to make visible the connection between nature and local communities.

Ivan Patzaichin is an actively supporting durable development and community based creative ideas for development such as eco-design, eco-art and eco-tourism. He is also the organizer of the Rowboats International Festival based in Tulcea.


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Michael Stewart, UK

Michael has worked throughout his career between film and anthropology, including stints as an independent producer and within the BBC.

Film work includes State of Fear (1989, with John Blake, nominated for BAFTA Award), What Magdalena Said (Everyman) and Biafra: Fighting a War without Guns (Timewatch). He has written for many years about Eastern European Roma (Gypsies). This year his most famous book The Time of the Gypsies (1997) has been translated and published in Romanian, he has also been recently editing a book about radical anti-Gypsy politics in Europe (The Gypsy Menace, PD Hurst May 2012).

He lectures in Social Anthropology at UCL and is a Champion for Social Enterprise there.

MyStreet and Open City Docs are the result of the transformative effect of working at UCL, an institution where social, physical and natural sciences jostle alongside the fine arts.

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Black Sea Docs

Vintila Mihailescu

Vintilă Mihăilescu, Romania

Vintilă Mihăilescu is considered a leading cultural anthropologist in Romania and he is one of Romania’s leading public figures. His major anthropological work was presented in Fascinaţia Diferenței (The Fascination of Difference), which is a synthesis of more than 20 years of practical research in a Romanian village. The book is a testimony of the efforts of conserving and saving the rural tradition of the Romanian village. In 1997 he became head of the master program in anthropology at Bucharest University, Director of the Bucharest Rural Observatory. Since 1998 he regularly writes for the cultural weekly revue Dilema. In 2000 he becomes full professor at the National School for Political and Administrative Sciences in Bucharest (N.S.P.S.A.). Between 2005 and 2010 he was the Director of the Museum of the Romanian Peasant in Bucharest. He is head of the master program in Cultural and Social Anthropology at N.S.P.S.A.

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Pedro Piñeiro

Pedro Fuente, Spain

Pedro Piñeiro Fuente is the the director of the International Environmental Film Festival – ECOZINE in Zaragoza (Spain), festival member in Green Film Network. He is one of the founders and organizers of the Film Workshops dedicated to environmental issues “Recycled Planet Films” that was founded with the support of the Department of Agriculture, Animals and the Environment of the Government of Aragon (Spain). Pedro is the media coordinator and communication director of the International Film Festival ” 22 x Don Luis ” which pays tribute to the work of Luis Buñuel in Calanada (Spain). He was the executive producer of the documentary “Una mujer sin sombra” (A woman without a Shadow ), and coproducer for the feature film “Sucumbios, tierra sin mal” (Sucumbios, the land without evil) directed by Arthur Hortas.

He did a few projects as an image editor for the UN Office within the United Nations program “A Decade Dedicated to Water” and the World Water Day .

At Pelicam 2014 he is part Black Sea Docs Competition jury.

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foto Octav Gheorghe

Octav Gheorghe, Romania

Advertising guy, he worked for D’Arcy, he owned a post production studio, he was copywriter, creative director, he taught advertising at ADC School of Advertising. Movie buff, he writes novels and film scripts, some of which are in production.

Currently he’s working on his first documentary script, nevertheless, he won’t be able to attend Thomas Ciulei’s workshop, as he’s part of The Black Sea Jury for this edition.


Shorts Competition


Katharina Fiedler, Germany

Freelancer editor since 2003, Katharina was selected for Berlinale Talents in February 2014.

At Pelicam 2014 she will present the last film she worked for as editor, My Name Is Salt in the Official Competition.


Melinda Boros, Romania

Melinda Boros is a graduate of the Sapientia University of Cluj-Napoca, where she majored in Photography, Film and Media Studies. She quickly discovered her area of interest and deepened her knowledge in art film distribution and art cinema management, film funding and production. Her work experience includes the production of five shorts and two feature films, a project manager, production and distribution assistant job at Argo Audiovisual Association and CineCorvin Inc respectively.

She now works as head of acquisitions at Clorofilm Inc. Melinda took part in several community projects and workes as  location and project manager at TIFF Transilvanian International Film Festival since 2008, and as a tutor of production management at the Filmtett Workshops since 2010.

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Thomas Grand, France

Thomas Grand works for the French Institute in Bucharest. He’s much involved in promoting and distributing French cinema in Romania.