Jury Pelicam 2017

Fresh Perspectives

Rares Ivan foto_0755 359353

Rareș Ivan

Rareș is a student in eleventh grade at Spiru Haret College from Tulcea. He is a youngster highly interested in extra-curricular activities, having participated in many youth dedicated projects.

Cosmina Iordan

Cosmina Iordan

Cosmina is a student in ninth grade, at Grigore Moisil High School in Tulcea. She is passionate about arts and cinema, seeing films as a fascinating medium to tell stories about people, but also the world arround us.

Harasim Alexandra

Alexandra Harasim

Alexandra is a student in tenth grade, at Grigore Moisil High School. She is interested in the stories film tell about the world, the emotions and issues conveyed with the help of a film camera.

Ana G

Ana Elena Gheba

Ana is a student in the ninth grade at George Georgescu Art High School, from Tulcea, studying piano. She is very intersested in cinema, especially in how sound and music of a film contributes to the story and the message.

Berechet Cristiana Irina

Irina Cristiana Berechet

Irina is a student in tenth grade at Spiru Haret High School. She is passionate about  films, especially historical pieces.

anastasia staicu

Anastasia Staicu, Romania

Anastasia Staicu is the co-founder and manager of Seneca Anticafe, a different type of coffee shop, more interested in how time is spent in their place. The Anticafe is  a social endeavour and develops environmental projects. Anastasia is also involved with Seneca Publishing House.

Shorts Competition

alex baciu

Alex Baciu, Romania

Alex Baciu graduated from the Faculty of Filmmaking and the Faculty of Letters – the Communication Department, and he is currently a screenwriter. He contributed to the screenplay of movies like Tuesdays after Christmas or Paper will be blue, being a prolific member of the Romanian New Cinema.

elena calistru

Elena Calistru, Romania

Elena Calistru is the chair and founder of Funky Citizens, a Romanian NGO that builds research-based, data-driven online advocacy tools.  Elena has more than 5 years of experience in civil society projects, both at national and international level. Her expertise is mainly in the area of good governance, transparency, public finance and advocacy.

edward cook

Edward Cook, Netherlands

Edward Cook is a filmmaker, who also works as a cameraman, editor, and film educator. Edward graduated from the Willem De Kooning Academy in Audiovisual Media in 2008, did an internship at Halal Film and Photography in Amsterdam and is an alumnus of the IDFA Media Fund Workshop, as well as the Kids & Docs Workshop.

His work has been featured at Film Festivals such as IDFA, Berlin International Film Festival, Netherlands Film Festival, Cinekid and many others. His short film BIRD STRIKE won in 2016 Pelicam’s best short.

Black Sea Docs


Monica Lazurean-Gorgan, Romania

Monica Lăzurean-Gorgan is a director and producer. Her film A Mere Breath (2016) won the Best Documentary Prize at the Sarajevo International Film Festival and the Best Documentary Award at Astra Film Festival 2016. In 2015, following the investigation done by Monica Lăzurean-Gorgan, along with Alexander von Bismarck, director of the Environmental Investigation Agency, broke out a scandal surrounding Holtzindustrie Schweighofer, an Austrian company accused of encouraging deforestation and buying illegally cut timber.


Carlos Teofilo, Portugalia

Carlos Teófilo is the artistic director of the Cine’eco festival in Portugal, a member of the Green Film Network international network, alongside Pelicam. Lawyer and professor, he was the administrative director of the Culture and Recreation Company of the Municipality of Seia and to this day organizes various cultural initiatives in town, as the Seia Jazz & Blues.


Florin Stoican, Romania

Florin Stoican is the president of the Kogayon Association, founded 14 years ago, and is one of those who set up the Buila-Vânturariţa National Park. Coordinator of over 20 projects focusing on the management of protected natural areas, biodiversity and geodiversity conservation, ecological education, ecotourism and sustainable development. He is also part of the Vacaresti Natural Park Association, which became the administrator of the first urban natural park in Romania – the Văcăreşti Natural Park.



Andy Bichlbaum, THE YES MEN, USA

Jacques Servin, known as Andy Bichlbaum, is half of the duo of Yes Men. He is from Tucson, Arizona, and is a professor at Parsons the New School for Design in New York. Former employer of Maxis, he was fired after he included a code in the SimCopter video game that at some point showed silhouettes of men in bathing suits kissing each other. The media scandal that broke afterwards inspired him to co-found RTMark, a group of anti-consumerist activists who act as a corporation. The activist also wrote two books of short stories.

mike bonanno

Mike Bonanno, THE YES MEN, USA

Igor Vamos, known as Mike Bonanno, is the other half of The Yes Men duo. He is a world-famous multimedia artist and associate professor at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in New York. He is also a co-founder of RTMark and participated in the Barbie Liberation Organization project, where he and his team bought 300 Barbie and G.I. Joe dolls, changed their electronic boxes and made G.I. Joe dolls say ‘Let’s go shopping!’, and the Barbie dolls shout ‘Vengeance is mine!’


Ion Barbu, Romania

Born in Petrila, the graphic designer, cartoonist and creator of Missing Artists Circle, set out to transform Petrila through art. The closure of the mine is not the end of the town for him, but the opportunity to revive the city through culture. Among its achievements is the establishment of a cultural centre in the former pump station of the mine – Centre Pompadou.