Michael Stewart, UK


Michael has worked throughout his career between film and anthropology, including stints as an independent producer and within the BBC.

Film work includes State of Fear (1989, with John Blake, nominated for BAFTA Award), What Magdalena Said (Everyman) and Biafra: Fighting a War without Guns (Timewatch). He has written for many years about Eastern European Roma (Gypsies). This year his most famous book The Time of the Gypsies (1997) has been translated and published in Romanian, he has also been recently editing a book about radical anti-Gypsy politics in Europe (The Gypsy Menace, PD Hurst May 2012).

He lectures in Social Anthropology at UCL and is a Champion for Social Enterprise there.

MyStreet and Open City Docs are the result of the transformative effect of working at UCL, an institution where social, physical and natural sciences jostle alongside the fine arts.