Reet Aus, Estonia


Reet Aus has worked as a fashion designer since 1997. Since 2002 she has created her collections using the principle of reusing discarded materials to create a product of higher value, or upcycling. This process allows the textile waste produced during garment manufacture to be sent back into production through smart design, thus noticeably reducing the environmental impact of the industry. Reet Aus wrote her doctoral thesis on the possibilities of introducing upcycling into mass production in the fashion industry. Reet Aus is a Senior Research Fellow at the Estonian Academy of Arts and active as a costume designer in theater and film productions throughout Estonia.

Honors: TOP 3 European Environmentally Friendly Enterprise (2014), Woman of the Year (BPW Estonia 2014), Noteworthy Young Estonian (TOYP Estonia 2014), Environmentally Friendly Enterprise (Ministry of the Environment 2013), Civil Society Enterprise of the Year (NGO Association 2013), Woman of the Year – Magazine “Anne ja Stiil” (2013), Fashion Motor (2009), Natalie Mei Theatre Arts Annual Prize (2007), Estonian Theatre Prize (2006), Republic of Estonia Cultural Prize (2004), Little Needle (2003).