Power to Change

(Power to Change: Die EnergieRebellion)
Germany, 2016, 92 min.
Directed by
Carl Fechner
Hans-Josef Fell, Edy Kraus, Stephan Rammler
economy / energy / environment / renewable energy

This film is about a great vision – and the people turning it into reality: the rebels of our day. The future of the world’s energy lies in decentralised, clean supplies stemming 100% from renewable sources. Director Carl-A. Fechner takes his audience on a journey through a country where hundreds of thousands of people are fighting for the energy revolution.
Power to Change is the story of transition to a future that dispenses with fossil fuels and nuclear energy – told through portraits of the people making it happen. It is touching, moving, surprising and informative. With a great accompanying score and shot in lavish Cinemascope, the film has a clear message for its audience: Let’s fight together – for a world that is sustainable and just!

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