Burning Issues

(Burning Issues)
Italy/Germany/Russia/Romania, 2017, 49 min.
Directed by
Luca Bonaccorsi & Alessandro de Pascale
bioenergy / environment / renewables

International Nature Film Festival Gödöllő 2017 - Selecție

It was supposed to be the best of all worlds: renewable, clean energy from organic matter, residues mostly. But it became (also) land grabbing, nonsensical forest destruction and a festival of national subsidies that have caused more distortions you can think of. From Russia to Italy, through Germany and Romania, follow our cameramen as they document abuses, malpractice and paradoxes in the production of bioenergy.

In this documentary co-produced by BirdLife Europe and Central Asia and Transport & Environment we expose some of the distortions that have turned a solution… into a problem.

A Q&A with the film co-director, Alessandro de Pascale, will follow the screening.