Croatia, 2016, 52 min.
Directed by
Tonci Gacina

Karlovy Vary International Film Festival 2017 – Future Frames Selection

ZAG Dox 2016 – Regional Competition Selection

Early summer on the Adriatic coast is humming with preparations for the tourist season, their precision reminiscent of the tuning of engines before the start of a Formula 1 race. Everything has to be ready before the local Riviera is inundated by an indistinguishable mass of visitors from around the globe hungering for fun. The tourism industry is the biggest sector of the Croatian economy and it often looks as if it’s the only one. Through carefully composed visual fragments we witness an assembly line for instant amusement whose end product is a happy tourist.

A Q&A with the film director, Tonci Gacina, will follow the screening.