Documentaries from around the Black Sea at Pelicam 2016

The Living Fire afis

Living Fire (Ostap Kostyuk, 2014, Ukraine) follows three men of different generations living in the Ukrainian Carpathians. Ivan is an 82-year-old retired shepherd who lives a lonely life, having recently buried his wife. At the same time, ten-year-old Ivanko is just beginning his life and studying at the county boarding school, while 39-year-old Vasyl is raising young lambs on his farm. But when spring comes, all three men will head for the mountains following the shepherd’s calling that is becoming ever more difficult to sustain in the contemporary world. The film will have its Romanian premiere at Pelicam 2016.

I Talk Otherwise (Cristian Cappucci, 2015, Italy/Switzerland) tells the story of a journey along the Danube seen from the viewpoint of the river itself. From West to East, from the Black Forest to the Black Sea, the Danube crosses Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria and Romania, until its outlet into the Black Sea. The characters met along the way are reflected in the river which becomes a mirror for the people’s sensibilities. The film will be screened in national premiere at Pelicam 2016, in the presence of its director.

The Babushkas of Chernobyl (Holly Morris, Anne Bogart, 2015, Ukraine/USA) shows the daily life of old women living in the middle of the forbidden zone around the Chernobyl plan which exploded 30 years ago. The restricted area spans 2 600 km² , and is monitored and guarded, with the access being restricted. In this frame, several ‘babushkas’ (grandmothers, in Ukrainian) have returned to live there semi-legally, after deciding that relocation is worse than radiation. The will have its national premiere, in the presence of director Holly Morris at Pelicam 2016.

Atlantis of the Russian North (Sofia Gorlenko, 2015, Russia) shows a unique part of Russia in terms of cultural and historical heritage, an endangered heritage. The wooden architecture, the lifestyle, the community’s identity are all threatened by the future that seems to have overlooked this part of the world.

The jury of the Black Sea Docs section is comprised by Mircea Toma, journalist, Gaetano Capizzi, the festival director of Cinemambiente from Turin, and Florentina Ciuverca, film critic.