Five films from five corners of the world in the main competition at Pelicam


Top five environmental documentaries are coming to Pelicam from very different corners of the world: Denmark, United States, Malaysia, Colombia and Peru. They were chosen from over 300 films and will be screened in the competition at Pelicam 2015.

The end of a type of farming in harmony with nature, the struggle of ordinary people with a Canadian company that wants the gold under their homes, and the survival of a community that lives mostly under water are some of the stories Pelicam will bring at Tulcea this year, in the main competition of the fourth edition of the International Film Festival on Environment and People, between 11th and 14th of June.

Dacian Cioloș, former European Commissioner for Agriculture, Farida Pacha, director and winner of the Grand Prize Pelicam 2014 for her film My Name is Salt (Switzerland, India, 2013), and André  Abreau de Almeida, director for environment and climatic policies in Tara Oceans organization are the members of the jury who will decide the Grand Prize Pelicam 2015.

“Nature and the environment are not only the setting of life for us, but life itself. Humans, as part of it, and as beneficiaries of nature, through free will, have the possibility to contribute to the harmony of life or to destroy it, with their conduct.  To make the right choice every time, education is needed, but especially conscience. What Pelicam Film Festival proposes is acting on both levels”, said Dacian Cioloș, former European Commissioner.

Good Things Await (Denmark, 2014) tells the story of Neils, a 79 years old Danish farmer, one of the last idealist agriculturist in Denmark. He produces quality food valued by consumers, and by the best restaurant in the world, Noma in Copenhagen. Niels practices a type of eco-friendly agriculture, a model not very popular with authorities threatening to withdraw his license. How he deals with all this and the future of his biodynamic farm in the documentary Good Things Await, directed by Phie Ambo.

Filmed over the course of six years, Marmato (US, 2014) narrates the story of the residents of the Colombian town of Marmato whose mountains hold 20 billion dollars worth of gold. The 8 000 inhabitants are at risk of being relocated due to the gold rush of a Canadian company. The director Mark Grieco follows the confrontation between the residents and the Canadian company. The documentary was in the official selection at Sundance 2014 and it will be screened at Tulcea, at Pelicam.

Alexan, the last compressor diver on Mabul Island near Borneo, teaches 10-year-old Sari everything he knows, from dangerous fishing techniques and the temptations of the tourist economy to wisdom about the underwater world. Walking Under Water (Poland, Malaysia, 2014) presents the Badjao tribe’s ancient traditions and collective experience as a magical narrative, spinning the urgent pressures and problems they face into a hybrid of fantasy, fiction and fact. The director Eliza Kubarska will be present at the screening at Pelicam.

Two other films are part of the official competition, Finding Gaston (Peru, 2014), the story of Gaston, the chef who aims to change attitudes in Peru through food, and Black Harvest (Luxembourg, US, 2014) which follows the destinies of two Americans in the West, one in search of a job in the fracking industry, and one that holds with his teeth of the last bits of nature. All films will have their national premiere at Pelicam.

Le monde secret du plancton (The Secret World of Plankton) is the photo exhibition which will arrive from Paris to Tulcea, specially for Pelicam. The residents of Tulcea and festival-goers will be able to enjoy a series of extraordinary photographies, taken by students from École nationale supérieure des Arts Décoratifs around the theme of pollution in the Mediterranean Sea, where the scientific research vessel Tara of the organization Tara Oceans conducts studies. The exihibition brought to Pelicam by Tara Oceans can be viewed in the civic centre in Tulcea, during the festival, from 12th to 14th June.

Tara Oceans is an international non-governmental organization with 10 years experience in researching the planet’s climate; the organization has obtained the special status of permanent observer at UN. Tara Oceans made the opening film for Paris Climate Conference COP 21, where it will coordinate the pavillion on waters and oceans.