Gone Wild, screened at the Environmental Film Festival in Washington


Gone Wild, Dan Curean’s documentary, will be screened at the 23rd edition of Environmental Film Festival taking place in Washington. The international film festival in Washington and Pelicam IFF are part of the Green Film Network.

The documentary won, in 2012, the Astra Film Festival Award for best documentary in the Ecocinematograff category. The film takes us in the Danube Delta, more precisely in the Letea Forest, where the wild horses live.

After the fall of Communism, when the state agriculture collapsed, horses were set free on the fields. They ended up living in groups and during winter they find shelter in Letea Forest. They are not originally wild horses; they got wild in time.

The documentary will be screened at Carnegie Institute for Science, Washington, on 22nd of March, in the presence of the director. He will be joined by Corina Moldovan-Florea and Benjamin Ribout, Co-Directors of Pelicam International Film Festival.

Green Film Network has 29 environmental film festivals around the world.