Green Film Making in Cannes


The Dutch from Green Film Making will be present at the 67th edition of the Cannes Film Festival, where they will hold a workshop of greening the film industry.

Green Film Making is an initiative started in the Netherlands in order to guide the filmmakers to minimize their environmental impact during production. They started from the idea that Earth’s resources are limited and we all have a responsibility to find alternative solutions and film industry should not ignore these realities.

In the frame of the initiative a competition also started  – Green Film Making Competition – which had its first edition in 2012, attended by 60 filmmakers. Their greening  ideas are increasingly popular among professionals in the film industry.

Green Film Making will stop at Tulcea, at the International Festival of Environmental Film Pelicam where they will moderate a workshop on sustainable practices for filmmakers. Pelicam aims therefore to promote responsible practices among professionals in the film industry. The workhsop will be coordinated by Dorien Grötzinger, Event Producer for The Green Film Making Project, and Brechtje Smidt, CEO/Director at Deepeei Film Productions in the Netherlands. Deepeei already has in its track record two films done in a sustainable way, Balance and Going South.

The workshop is open to all those interested in green film production, by announcing their participation at [email protected], specifying the name of the workshop. The workshop is possible with the help of  The Embassy of Kingdom of Netherlands.