Pelicam 2016 film will be selected from 300 documentaries


This spring caught us in front of our screens, watching documentaries about environment and people made in 2015 and 2016. Over 300 films have passed through our hands and laptops, and, from them, some dozens will arrive in Tulcea at the fifth edition of the festival.  The submission period is over, and now we are reaping the benefits.

Documentary filmmakers from around the world were interested in 2015 and 2016 in environmental issues – resource exploitation, illegal logging, food waste or climate change being among the topics addressed.

The films in our inboxes have arrived from the United States, the United Kingdom, Austria, India, China, the Netherlands, Spain, Canada, Ukraine, Italy or Russia. Virtually all corners of the world are represented at the mouth of the Danube Delta between 16 and 19 of June.

We continue the series of debates with representatives of the films and professionals from Romania, helping us to explain local effects of global phenomena. Agricultural land grabbing, the clothing industry, urban regeneration or nuclear energy 30 years from Chernobyl are some of the topics of discussion this year.

The films received in 2016 have managed, yet again, to surprise us through their diversity and authenticity. Land grabbing, industrial pollution, fighting for resources, wildlife, chaotic urban development, governance issues, food quality… everything and from many parts. In a year 2015 labelled <Cop 21 and climate change>, it is impossible not to realize in 2016 that many of these problems are linked and that these themes are automatically found at one point or another. Also, any local issue has an equivalent in another country”, says Benjamin Ribout, director and founder of Pelicam

We expect you at Pelicam, to be moved with us, to witness incredible life stories, to peep into the lives of people with a special relation to environment, but also to ask questions, meet international filmmakers, professionals, artists and other notabilities from our guest list of this year.

Pelicam – the International Film Festival on the Environment and People is organized by Les Herbes Folles in Tulcea between 16 and 19 of June, for the fifth consecutive year. Last year, over 5 000 people attended the film screenings, debates, exhibitions, concerts and related activities of the festival.