Pelicam is here. Let’s watch films, kids!


At Pelicam, we do not forget to be children. The little ones are the stars on the first day of the festival, 8th June. We start Pelicam with films for children whom we expect in number as big as in the past years. The festival’s programme does not ignore any age: the Fresh Perspectives section also returns to the sixth edition with a jury made of five teenagers from Tulcea, coordinated by Anastasia Staicu, director of the Seneca publishing house and the coordinator of the community garden Kultivă:

  • Power to Change (Carl Fechner, Germany, 2016) is the story of the transition to a future in which we give up fossil fuels and nuclear energy in favour of renewable energy. The story is told through the portraits of the people that make it happen. The film shot in Cinemascope will be screened in national premiere, in the presence of the director and will be followed by a discussion on green energy.
  • Seeds: The Untold Story (Jon Betz & Taggart Siegel, USA, 2016): As chemical companies control most of our seeds, farmers, scientists, lawyers, and indigenous seed keepers are fighting intensely to defend the future of our food. And the stakes are immense – in the last century, 94% of our seed varieties have disappeared. The documentary was part of the official selection at IDFA Amsterdam and was awarded at the San Diego International Film Festival and Sheffield Doc / Fest. It will have its Romanian premiere at Pelicam.
  • Trading Paradise (Daniel Schweizer, Switzerland, 2016): Large parts of the world commodity trade are managed by companies based in Zug and Geneva. It is known that they pay very little tax and shift the responsibility for environmental damages in the countries they operate. The film shows how this business works and will have its Romanian premiere at Pelicam.
  • The Transumanza Tour (Valerio Gnesini, Italy, 2016) is a journey through six different Italian farms, from Basilicata to Liguria. The story is told through the eyes of a music band that works voluntarily in exchange for food and accommodation. The film was selected at IDFA Amsterdam and will be screened in Romanian premiere at Pelicam, in the presence of the director.
  • Simply Living (Hans Haldimann, Switzerland, 2016): A cooperative that was founded in 1993 in Ticino (the southernmost mountainous canton of Switzerland) by Ulrich Stamani and another 12 people continues to thrive as a small farm and ecotourism resort thanks to the help and support of people like Katharina Luthi, a skilled farmer. The film will have its Romanian premiere at the festival. 

Like every year, the Fresh Perspectives section will be judged by five high school students from Tulcea, selected according to their motivation to learn more about film and ecology. They will be coordinated by Anastasia Staicu, director of the Seneca publishing house – the publisher of an impressive collection of environmental books on recycled paper in Romania – and the coordinator of the community garden Kultivă – where they grow the trees that compensate for the publishing activity.

Youth, Pelicam gets you going – if it has not done so yet – with a fresh and stimulating film offer. Documentaries, fiction films (this year we have a great production about Cousteau) and animations, gorgeous and shocking movies. But this year, the action will be more vivid than ever, thanks to the presence of the duo Yes Men, the most courageous, the most humorous, and the most feared guests of the festival. We are putting the country and the world in order, at Pelicam, and we need you. – Bejamin Ribout, co-director of the festival. 

Pelicam, water, sun, fresh air, music and cheerfulness

In addition to the regular screening venues of the festival’s films – the Jean Bart Cultural Center and the Museum of Art – Pelicam also extends on Tulcea waterfront, where we will be screening films from the festival, every evening. The Tulcea audience is invited to join us from Thursday, 8th June, until Sunday, 11th June, for outdoor movies.

There will also be screenings in Pelicam Camp, on the shore of Lake Ciuperca. Film and environmental lovers all over the country are welcomed with the tent in the Pelicam Camping, where, besides water, sun, fresh air, they will also benefit from home cinema, pardon tent-cinema. Every evening, we look at movies from both the competition and out of the competition, under the moonlight.

We end the festival in the best possible tone, in tune with Partizan. They are our guests with which we will sing and dance in the garden of Avramide House on Sunday evening. After the awards ceremony, Partizan awaits us outdoors to say goodbye to the sixth edition of Pelicam, International Film Festival on Environment and People, a member of the Green Film Network.

All films and events of Pelicam are free. The full programme can be found on the site.