Pelicam starts tomorrow


Tomorrow begins the fifth edition of Pelicam, the International Film Festival on Environment and People, at Tulcea. Over 30 documentaries will have their Romanian premiere at the festival which uncovers the deepest connections between nature and humans.

Traditionally, the festival starts with a program dedicated to children. Thursday, 16 June, Jean Bart Cultural Centre will be filled again by children for whom we have prepared special screenings, but also a musical surprise. A Belgian band will perform a concert with toy musical instruments especially for them.

Fresh Perspectives section will begin on Thursday and the jury will be made of five teenagers from Tulcea, guided by film critic Ileana Bîrsan. Just after nightfall, Pelicam film screenings will take place in the Civic Square of Tulcea and in the camping at Lake Ciuperca.

The official competition starts Saturday, 18 June, and includes five thought-provoking documentaries: The True Cost (Andrew Morgan, 2015, USA), Jungle Sisters (Chloe Ruthven, 2015, India/UK), Behemoth (Zhao Liang, 2015, China), Land Grabbing (Kurt Langbein, 2015, Germany) and Poached (Timothy Wheeler, 2015, UK). The jury has three members: Vlad Alexandrescu, former Minister of Culture, Margaret Parsons, film curator at National Gallery in Washington and Levente Molnár, actor.

Black Sea Docs is the section devoted to films from and about the countries around the Black Sea. A bold selection of documentaries has been made this year: Living Fire (Ostap Kostyuk, 2014, Ukraine), I Talk Otherwise (Cristian Cappucci, 2015, Italy/Switzerland), The Babushkas of Chernobyl (Holly Morris, Anne Bogart, 2015, Ukraine/USA), Atlantis of the Russian North (Sofya Gorlenko, 2015, Russia) and Sight (Metin Kaya, 2015, Turkey).

Fresh Perspectives includes five films offering a more positive view: Urban Tides (Simone Eleveld, 2015, Netherlands), Poverty, Inc. (Michael Matheson Miller, 2015, USA), March of the White Elephants (Craig Tanner, 2015, Brazil/USA/South Africa), Digital Food (Martijn Kieft, 2015, Netherlands) and Out of Fashion (Jaak Kilmi, Lennart Labarenz, 2015, Estonia).

Among the ten short documentaries of this year you will find the only Romanian documentary from Pelicam 2016. The Sense Keepers (Ana Maria Pîrvan, Răzvan Sima, 2016, Romania) will have its world premiere at the festival. Luiza Vasiliu, editor Scena9, Heinz Hermanns, director of Interfilm Berlin festival and Séverine Lenglet, director will make the jury for the short competition.

“The waters have cleared at Tulcea and the cars no longer swim through the city centre. In return, Pelicam comes with a sportive start for an edition smoother and more fulfilling than ever. This year we focus on discussions after the screenings and an increasingly wide range of topics. A special mention: the lesson of civic outrage in the closing of the festival, provided by Yes Men. On your marks.“ – Benjamin Ribout, festival director.

Both the films in competition and out of competition will be screened at Jean Bart Cultural Centre, the Art Musem, Casa Avramide, but also outdoors, in the Mircea cel Bătrân Square and on the side of lake Ciuperca, where Cinemobilul will be during the festival.

The focus of this year’s edition is the fashion industry, the second most polluting industry in the world after the oil one. We will be discussing the less glamourous side of fashion at Pelicam Talks with Lucy Siegle, producer of The True Cost and journalist The Guardian, Reet Aus, fashion designer and protagonist of Out of Fashion, Laura Ștefănut, author of the reportage “Made in Europe”, and Ioana Ciolacu, fashion designer. Pelicam Talks will be moderated by journalist Andra Matzal. The complete list of the discussion topics and guests can be found here.

Other reasons to come to Tulcea between 16 and 19 June: filmmakers from around the world, a Belgian fanfare playing Balkan dances in the Civic Square, fish, special screenings with the people from Casa Jurnalistului, sunrises on the promenade in Tulcea, astronomical observations, 3D video screenings, joy and love of nature.

Pelicam is organized by Les Herbes Folles Association, with the support of National Film Center, the Municipality of Tulcea, Romanian Filmmakers Union, Romanian Cultural Institute, the Embassy of Switzerland in Romania and Goethe Institute Bucharest.